YAPC::Asia 2013, You can't help eating ramen in Hiyoshi!

Yokubari Rasuta-men (Ramen); 欲張りらすた緬

YAPC::Asia 2013 will convene for 3 days from 19 September in Hiyoshi, Yokohama. You know that Yokohama is the famous Ramen city in Japan. The Ramen comes to Japan from China, but it's been developed as a Japanese own food since last 2 centuries when ramen spread from the China towns in Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki. Seriously, in Yokohama, there is also a Ramen MUSEUM where local traditional Ramen shops from all over Japan are situated( http://www.raumen.co.jp/ ). So Hiyoshi has many awesome Ramen restaurants too. These are very near the venue of YAPC::Asia 2013.

Actually, I live in Hiyoshi. Then I prepared the map of Ramen restaurants where I usually visit. I hope that it is useful for you!

Don't come back from Hiyoshi whithout eating Ramen!

Enjoy YAPC::Asia, not only Perl but also Ramen!