2015/09/25 11:20:48

Perl標準関数 - 分類別


Functions for SCALARs or strings

"chomp", "chop", "chr", "crypt", "hex", "index", "lc", "lcfirst",
"length", "oct", "ord", "pack", "q/STRING/", "qq/STRING/",
"reverse", "rindex", "sprintf", "substr", "tr///", "uc", "ucfirst",

Regular expressions and pattern matching

"m//", "pos", "quotemeta", "s///", "split", "study", "qr//"

Numeric functions

"abs", "atan2", "cos", "exp", "hex", "int", "log", "oct", "rand"
"sin", "sqrt", "srand"

Functions for real @ARRAYs

"pop", "push", "shift", "splice", "unshift"

Functions for list data

"grep", "join", "map", "qw/STRING/", "reverse", "sort", "unpack"

Functions for real %HASHes

"delete", "each", "exists", "keys", "values"

Input and output functions

"binmode", "close", "closedir", "dbmclose", "dbmopen", "die", "eof",
"fileno", "flock", "format", "getc", "print", "printf", "read",
"readdir", "rewinddir", "seek", "seekdir", "select", "syscall",
"sysread", "sysseek", "syswrite", "tell", "telldir", "truncate",
"warn", "write"

Functions for fixed length data or records

"pack", "read", "syscall", "sysread", "syswrite", "unpack", "vec"

Functions for filehandles, files, or directories

"-X", "chdir", "chmod", "chown", "chroot", "fcntl", "glob",
"ioctl", "link", "lstat", "mkdir", "open", "opendir", "readlink",
"rename", "rmdir", "stat", "symlink", "sysopen", "umask", "unlink",

Keywords related to the control flow of your perl program

"caller", "continue", "die", "do", "dump", "eval", "exit", "goto",
"last", "next", "redo", "return", "sub", "wantarray"

Keywords related to scoping

"caller", "import", "local", "my", "our", "package", "use"

Miscellaneous functions

"defined", "dump", "eval", "formline", "local", "my", "our",
"reset", "scalar", "undef", "wantarray"

Functions for processes and process groups

"alarm", "exec", "fork", "getpgrp", "getppid", "getpriority",
"kill", "pipe", "qx/STRING/", "setpgrp", "setpriority", "sleep",
"system", "times", "wait", "waitpid"

Keywords related to perl modules

"do", "import", "no", "package", "require", "use"

Keywords related to classes and object-orientedness

"bless", "dbmclose", "dbmopen", "package", "ref", "tie", "tied",
"untie", "use"

Low-level socket functions

"accept", "bind", "connect", "getpeername", "getsockname",
"getsockopt", "listen", "recv", "send", "setsockopt", "shutdown",
"socket", "socketpair"

System V interprocess communication functions

"msgctl", "msgget", "msgrcv", "msgsnd", "semctl", "semget", "semop",
"shmctl", "shmget", "shmread", "shmwrite"

Fetching user and group info

"endgrent", "endhostent", "endnetent", "endpwent", "getgrent",
"getgrgid", "getgrnam", "getlogin", "getpwent", "getpwnam",
"getpwuid", "setgrent", "setpwent"

Fetching network info

"endprotoent", "endservent", "gethostbyaddr", "gethostbyname",
"gethostent", "getnetbyaddr", "getnetbyname", "getnetent",
"getprotobyname", "getprotobynumber", "getprotoent",
"getservbyname", "getservbyport", "getservent", "sethostent",
"setnetent", "setprotoent", "setservent"

Time-related functions

"gmtime", "localtime", "time", "times"

Functions new in perl5

"abs", "bless", "chomp", "chr", "exists", "formline", "glob",
"import", "lc", "lcfirst", "map", "my", "no", "our", "prototype",
"qx", "qw", "readline", "readpipe", "ref", "sub*", "sysopen", "tie",
"tied", "uc", "ucfirst", "untie", "use"

* "sub" was a keyword in perl4, but in perl5 it is an operator, which can be used in expressions.

Functions obsoleted in perl5

"dbmclose", "dbmopen"