How to find an updated module in the CPAN Testers report

The CPAN Testers report is very very useful for CPAN Authors.

One day, I got fail reports of my module, because a certain module had been updated. But I could not recognize it soon. What module was updated?

So I hope the report improves more useful.

A current report has a requires module table in PREREQUISITES, like below.


    Module        Need     Have
    ------------- -------- --------
    Some::Module  0.06     0.06
    Any::Module   0        0.48

I would like to know a latest version and a latest release date from that table.

For example:


    Module        Need     Have   Latest
    ------------- -------- ------ ------------------
    Some::Module  0.06     0.06   0.08 (2012-01-02)
    Any::Module   0        0.48   0.48 (2015-07-20) <- here!

Then I may just find a hint from this table with latest column. Any::Module has been updated recently. I'll be able to check the right CHANGES promptly.

Anyway, where is the repository of the CPAN Testers?